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Please export the mix or stems in 32 bit float and the sample rate used in the project (usually 44.1 kHz). If 32 bits are not possible then use 24 bits.

Export (single tracks)

For stem masterings, please render all tracks from the same start and end point.

If you book stem masterings I assume that my experience in mixing is desired. This means that I do not work in the esoteric field. The master gets the typical “peer sound”.

Normalize / Dithering

Do not normalize or dither.


If you have a limiter (or similar “loudspeaker”) on the master bus, please deactivate it before exporting.


The mix should not clip (be below 0 dB) during export.


Please also send me your own pre-master.


The exported tracks should be packed into an archive using Winrar or Winzip. The archive can be uploaded via any filehoster like Wetransfer or Dropbox. Please send the link to

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