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Analog Mastering

For analog processing the Forssel MADA-2 is used as a 2-channel converter, which is considered one of the best mastering converters in the world. The Avalon AD 2077 is one of the most sophisticated mastering equalizers available on the market and is now only built on demand. The device has active and passive bands which allows the sound to be shaped like no other EQ.

The studio also has a Buzz Audio Resonance REQ-2.2 MEA mastering equalizer, which also belongs to the absolute technical top class. With its parallel resonance circuit it also offers sonic possibilities like no other device.

The third equalizer is a modified Millennia Media NSEQ-4. In addition to improved channel equality, the device now has a gain range of 4.5 dB for particularly precise operation.

The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor offers with three different transformers and two compressor stages numerous possibilities to color and shape the sound.

The studio also features a Vertigo VSC-2, which is considered the “Mercedes of VCA compressors”.


Especially for productions that are not mixed by professional mixers, I often use digital sound colorers to “improve” the mix before I go into the analog devices. Only extremely computationally intensive high performance plug-ins are used. I use a high-end PC, which is also overclocked to get as close as possible to analog sound before I go into the real devices.

For corrections I also work with very CPU hungry plugins to be able to work as “inaudible” as possible.

The final loudness is created digitally at the end of the editing process – again, I use a setup that demands a lot from the computer.

How i work

In mastering I work hybrid. That means I try to combine the best of the digital and analog world. The analog high end devices in the rack are mainly used to make the sound “bigger, nicer” and “wider”. In addition, the possibility to clip the AD-converter also offers more possibilities to get the desired loudness.

But also “In The Box” there are now good possibilities to color and shape the sound which I like to use. Furthermore the digital processing offers excellent ways to reduce interfering frequencies, parallel processing and also limiting. The sound quality I currently achieve would not be possible without the combination of analog and digital tools.

Further Information

Genre-technically I am open for everything. The spectrum ranges from HipHop, EDM, Rock, Pop and Schlager to media and advertising productions.

Press shop data can be checked by the end customer before duplication thanks to a dedicated player. In the past it was quite difficult for artists to check their final CDs before they were released for duplication because the master CD was usually sent directly from the recording studio to the pressing plant. Nowadays it is possible to check everything again at home on the computer, on a hifi system or in the car.

For the delivery of the tracks I have created a Mastering FAQ. If you have any further questions please contact me.

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