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Please export all tracks in 32 bit float and the sample rate used in the project (usually 44.1 kHz). If 32 bits are not possible then use 24 bits.

Start & End Point

Please render all tracks from the same start and end point.


Please leave all volume and panning settings as they are in your Ruff Mix. (Do not normalize.)


Please send all important effects in the ruff mix that should remain in it. In case of doubt send the tracks once with and once without effects. If you have already used certain distortion, pitch, autotune, delay, reverb, filter automation or similar effects in the ruff mix and want to keep them in the final mix, please send them along. Years of experience have shown time and again that artists love the effects from their ruff mixes and that this is the best way to work together.


The arrangement and editing should be finished before mixing.

Autotune & sound correction

Intonation correction and autotune are not included in the mixing. Should this be desired, a colleague of mine will do it after consultation and for an additional charge.

Instrumental & Vocals

If the tracks for the instruments and the recordings of the vocals come from different studios, please – before you send them to me – pull them into a common project and check if everything is ok. If the arrangement is right, everything is edited and the tracks are in sync, you can start.

Limiter on the master bus

If you have a limiter (or similar “loudspeaker”) on the master bus, please deactivate it before exporting.

Reference / Ruffmix

Please also send me your Ruffmix.


The exported tracks should be packed into an archive using Winrar or Winzip. The archive can be uploaded via any filehoster like Wetransfer or Dropbox. Please send the link to

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